Document type

ZorgDomein users can generate clinical documents to inform other healthcare organizations or professonials about the medical condition of a patient or to request a specific healthcare serivice or product. These documents can be divided into different document types. Read more about documents. 

The logical uri for this coding system is:

ZorgDomein Integrator currently supports the following document types:

Code Display (NL) Definition
appointment-request  Afspraakbericht Logistic message that announces the referral and contains the logistic data of the referral, i.e. details of the patient, referrer, referring organization, recipient and selected healthcare request. This message does not contain the referral letter or any medical dossier data from the referrer. 
referral-letter Verwijsbrief Document containing all the relevant medical patient data for a referral. This document should be considered as an attachment to the appointment request.
request-form Aanvraagformulier Document that lists the requested services or products. Additionally this document provides relevant medical patient data for the requested serives or products.
teleconsult-request-form Teleconsultatie aanvraagformulier Document containing a request for advice. Additionally this document provides relevant medical data about the condition of the patient.
questionnaire Vragenlijst Document containing the response to a questionnaire that is linked to a transaction.
supplement Nazending After sending the referral letter, the referrer may sooner or later decide to send one or more supplemental documents. The referrer may optionally add one or more attachments to the supplemental letter. These attachments will be delivered in a separate document.
cancellation Annuleringsbericht The initiator of a referral or healthcare request may decide to cancel a sent referral or request by sending a cancellation request. This document contains the cancellation request and the reason for cancellation.
report Medisch verslag This document is sent by a healthcare professional to inform another healthcare professional or organization about the condition of a patient. The report document type has several document sub types (see below). 
  admission-report In behandelingsrapportage Document to inform about the admission of a patient or start of a treatment (subtype of report). 
  progress-report Update Document to inform about the progress of a patient treatment (subtype of report).
  discharge-report Ontslagbericht Document to inform about the discharge of a patient or end of a treatment (subtype of report).
  procedure-report Rapportage over handeling Document to inform about the progress of a requested service or procedure (subtype of report).
  request-for-product Verzoek om zorgproduct Document to request a referral or serivce request (subtype of report).
response Antwoord This document is always a response to a previous referral or request sent by the initiator of the transaction and is typically within the same transaction scope as the initial request.
transfer-dossier Overdrachtsdossier Dossier containing all relevant medical details for a patient that is being transferred. The transfer dossier document type has several document sub types (see below). 
  medical-transfer Medische overdracht Medical transfer dossier (subtype of transfer-dossier).
  medication-transfer Medicatieoverdracht Medication transfer dossier (subtype of transfer-dossier).
  nursing-transfer Verpleegkundige overdracht Nursing transfer dossier (subtype of transfer-dossier).
  palliative-transfer Palliatieve overdracht Palliative transfer dossier (subtype of transfer-dossier).