Module Request

The module to support sending care requests


ZorgDomein Integrator is built out of two modules: Request and Receive. The Request module supports referring patient and sending requests for diagnostic research or teleconsultation.
When requesting a healthcare product in ZorgDomein, the care requester initiates the request using a dedicated button in the source XIS. This button takes the user directly to the ZorgDomein application, while the patient data is automatically submitted to ZorgDomein. This way, the patient data can be automatically put in the right context in ZorgDomein.

The Request module supports sending the following requests:

  • Sending referrals
  • Sending requests for diagnostic research
  • Sending requests for teleconsultation

Data exchange

At the moment that a user request a care product with a care provider in ZorgDomein, there are several moments of data exchange between ZorgDomein and the receiving XIS. The graph below displays which data flows between which systems at which point of time. A more thorough explanation of the principles of the interaction between the user, the XIS and ZorgDomein is provided in the description of the interaction with ZorgDomein (dutch).

Note: the elements that are greyed out are beyond the scope of the Request module, but are displayed to provide insight into the context of the transaction.

Login automatically and provide patient details
Send appointment request, questionnaire and/or diagnostic order form
Send feedback about transaction status
Inform patient
Send referral letter and any attachments
Send a copy of the referral letter
Send supplemental attachments (optional)
Send cancellation request (optional)

Show detailed data flows

Technical specifications

To support the Request module, the XIS of the requester has to support the following functionalities:

  • Automatic login to ZorgDomein
  • Provide details of the patient and requester
  • Receive feedback about the request

Note 1: Until late 2016 the ZorgDomein HIS Interface was implemented to realise the Request module. This interface used a specific HTTPS POST to submit request data to ZorgDomein. This version of the Request module is no longer under active development and will be deprecated in the near future. 

Note 2: The technical specifications mentioned below only apply to ZorgDomein Integrator FE (read more about ZorgDomein Integrator versions (dutch)).

Automatic login to ZorgDomein

Automatic login from the XIS of the requester to ZorgDomein is established using an SSO solution that implements JSON web tokens (JWT).

Documentation SSO

Provide details of the patient and requester

The XIS of the requester provides details of the patient and requester by making the relevant FHIR resources available on FHIR endpoints.

HL7 FHIR specifications

Receive feedback about the request

The XIS of the requester must be able to receive feedback about the request by receiving FHIR documents (for copies of the relevant request documents).

Read more about FHIR documents

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