Module Receive

The module to support receiving care requests


ZorgDomein Integrator is built out of two modules: Request and Receive. The Receive module supports receiving the following requests:

  • Receving referrals
  • Receving requests for diagnostic research
  • Receving requests for teleconsultation

A care provider will receive the care request through the ZorgDomein platform. ZorgDomein sends the request to connected care providers using a specific message or document.

Data exchange

At the moment that a user request a care product with a care provider in ZorgDomein, there are several moments of data exchange between ZorgDomein and the receiving XIS. The graph below displays which data flows between which systems at which point of time. A more thorough explanation of the principles of the interaction between the user, the XIS and ZorgDomein is provided in the description of the interaction with ZorgDomein (dutch).

Note: the elements that are greyed out are beyond the scope of the Receive module, but are displayed to provide insight into the context of the transaction.

Login automatically and provide patient details
Send appointment request, questionnaire and/or diagnostic order form
Send feedback about transaction status
Inform patient
Send referral letter and any attachments
Send a copy of the referral letter
Send supplemental attachments (optional)
Send cancellation request (optional)

Show detailed data flows

Technical specifications

To support the Receive module the XIS of the care provider has to receive and process the following transaction documents:

  • Appointment request
  • Referral letter
  • Attachments and supplemental attachments
  • Questionnaire
  • Diagnostics request form
  • Teleconsultation request form
  • Cancellation request
  • Copy of a medical report
  • Conversation export from ZorgDomein Patiëntoverleg (a messenger app)
  • Collection form (only relevant for laboratory order management systems)

The way in which the Receive module is implemented, differs between ZorgDomein Integrator CE and ZorgDomein Integrator FE (read more about ZorgDomein Integrator versions (dutch)).

Receive care requests in ZorgDomein Integrator FE

In ZorgDomein Integrator FE the XIS of the care provider will receive the transaction documents as mentioned above through HL7 FHIR documents.

Read more about FHIR documents

Receive care requests in ZorgDomein Integrator CE

In ZorgDomein Integrator FE the XIS of the care provider will receive the transaction documents as mentioned above through HL7 v2 messages. For different request types different HL7 v2 messages are used.

Show all HL7 v2 messages

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