HL7 FHIR specifications

The FHIR implementation guide for ZorgDomein Integrator


ZorgDomein Integrator FE is based on HL7 FHIR. This standard is based on the exchange of resources between endpoints. Resources are the common building blocks for all exchanges. The base specification of these resources is a 'platform specification', which implies that they need to be adjusted to the specific context of ZorgDomein Integrator. This is achieved by profiling: adapting the base FHIR specification to a custom use case. This way, we can create resource profiles which specify the custom implementation of FHIR resources. These profiles include rules about which resource elements are or are not used, or which terminologies are used in particular elements. Profiles may also include extensions: the additional elements that are added which are not part of the base specification. The sum of the adaptions for the FHIR implementation in ZorgDomein Integrator FE is described in a capability statement: a statement of the server's functionality that documents the set of capabilities (behaviors) of a FHIR Server.

This section provides the specifications of the capability statements and the profiles and extensions that are applied in ZorgDomein Integrator FE.

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More detailed descriptions of the published Profiles and Extensions will be added soon, as well as the FHIR (REST-) Search parameters accompanying the requested by ZorgDomein Resources.

  • Deze informatie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.
  • The information on this page applies to ZorgDomein Integrator FHIR Edition.