Accessing the ZorgDomein FHIR API

NB: This is a draft specification!

Including an access token in HTTP requests

Once a valid access token has been obtained, the app can access the FHIR endpoints on the ZorgDomein FHIR server as specified in the authorized scopes. The HTTP request that the app server issues must include an Authorization header that presents the access_token as a Bearer token:

 Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}

NB: {{access_token}} should be replaced with the actual value of the access token. 

Available FHIR endpoints

Currently the following FHIR endpoints are available:

Endpoint Supported REST interactions Use case FHIR profile
[base]/Appointment update Create or update appointment details for a patient encounter [under construction]
[base]/Patient read Get details about the current patient (either the active user in ZorgDomein or the patient that is on context)  ZD Patient

NB1: the FHIR base URL of ZorgDomein ([base]) is
NB2: See the FHIR RESTful API documentation for details about the supported REST interactions.