Change log

We will implement improvements to ZorgDomein Integrator on a regular basis. Changes to the interface kan be devided into two groups: 

  • Breaking changes that are not compatible with existing specifications. These change will always be implemented in a new major release of our interfaces. We will make sure that these changes are communicated to our partners before they are implemented and there is sufficient time to update existing connectors to support these changes. 
  • Backwards compatible changes. These changes shall not break any connector that is running in production. We'll release these changes on a regular basis without prior notice. On this page we will publish all changes once they have been implemented. If these changes concern new features that may be benificial to most connectors, we may communicate them in a separate mailing to our partners. If you wish to receive those updates, please subscribe to our newsletter
Date Description Related components
2020-05-26 Implemented support for sending and receiving reports and other correspondence as FHIR documents to individual heathcare professionals. See Sending and receiving correspondence for details.  Send documents, Receive documents
2020-05-01 Added ReferralRequest and Coverage resources to all FHIR Documents for product based transactions. Send documents, Receive documents

Added patient id (as specified in SSO token from XIS of initiator) to context.patient-id in JWT for all HTTP requests to XIS of initiator

Send documents
2020-03-11 Added cluster name to PractitionerRole.healthcareService.display in PractitionerRole resource that is referenced by the zd-recipient and zd-destination extensions in Composition Send documents, Receive documents 
2020-03-03 Added fullUrl attribute to Composition resources conforming to ZD Activation Verfication Auto-activation